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XDN DigitalNote is Back on Changelly

XDN digitalnote changelly

Changelly has listed XDN DigitalNote back for instant exchange. This is after the digital currency was removed temporary due to some withdrawing issues with other exchange platforms such as HitBTC and Bittrex. However, Changelly still stating that due to high demand users may experience some delays. So please be aware of that before making any […]

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XDN DigitalNote Anonymous, Untraceable Crypto Messages

XDN DigitalNote

XDN is still taking some pressure as Bitcoin retains its ~$2800 value, but DigitalNote community members are taking it together remaining calm and looking forward to the POLL tomorrow to determine the ICCO price. As far as this goes, the trading volume is still high with over 1592 BTC on HitBTC at the moment, which […]

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Is XDN DigitalNote ICCO a Success?

The market is expecting big news on Monday on how much XDN ICCO campaign has accumulated. In a statement from DigitalNote ICCO Manager, information about how much XDN ICCO has accumulated is expected to be released on Monday, following with the new pricing after the surge of the currency. We will publish the information as […]