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Big news are expected to be released next Monday on the progress of DigitalNote (XDN) ICCO campaign. So far, the campaign at the IC stage, in which coins are collected to prepare them for sale next week to investors. XDN has a total supply of 6,881,591,519 coins, which is excellent for user mass adaption. Considering the total supply, xdn achieved a current growth of 94.90% since the IC started.

Moreover, XDN/USD market has been launched on HitBTC, which has a direct impact on the currency’s growth. While the rate is surging even higher on Bittrex, the significant increase of users’ demands is pushing the price to the top just on the second day of the ICCO campaign.

XDN team has also released an android wallet, which improves its strategic position with its mobile user-base, allowing them to send and receive xdn coins as well as exchanging and buying instantly with a credit card.

News on how much has been raised will be released to the public on Monday, we will keep you up to date with everything we receive regarding that.

DigitalNote (XDN) an open cryptocurrency that was launched back in 2014. It has published a roadmap alongside with the ICCO news, which can be found on www.icco.digitalnote.org

If you have any questions and looking for new information, you can join the discussion on DigitalNote community on Ryver, https://digitalnote.ryver.com/application/signup/members/RW4rHGiKm9nPu3Z

You also follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the latest news  @XDNCommunity


xdn achieved 155.64% growth making it to 163 satoshi ($0.004136)


xdn published this statement “There will be a public community lot price voting”.


XDN Price up 207.41% trading at 257 Satoshi

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