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DigitalNote GUI Wallet Update v1.0.13-beta

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XDN released a new wallet update on GitHub in response to the blockchain synchronisation problems, which most users experienced in the last two months.

There are further releases to be announced while approaching the end of Q3 of the year, and Q4. Stay tuned!

DigitalNote GUI v1.0.13-beta https://github.com/xdn-project/digitalnotewallet/releases

2 comments on “DigitalNote GUI Wallet Update v1.0.13-beta”

    • Tete
    • August 29, 2017

    Does that mean that the xdn developer is back or that someone has taken over the project?

      • espresso
      • September 1, 2017

      Hi Tete, the update comes under the same development team according to Github status. Hope that helps! thanks

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