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XDN iOS Wallet is Out!

$XDN is now available at @AppStore Download now and send anonymous payments using #iOS #DigitalNote #blockchain #cryptocurrency #wallet #anonymous #privacy https://t.co/ZTMNl1CVDE pic.twitter.com/xm1LZVSviu — XDN Community (@XDNCommunity) January 22, 2018 Download $XDN #iOS @AppStore and send anonymous payments! #DigitalNote #blockchain #anonymous #privacy #crytpocurrency https://t.co/4GfDyxfVVJ — XDN Community (@XDNCommunity) January 22, 2018 Link to the appstore https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xdn-wallet-by-freewallet/id1336489256?mt=8 […]

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DigitalNote Contest: What do you use XDN for?

xdn contest

The XDN community has successfuly completed its Christmas campaign on Facebook DigitalNote page on 24 December 2017. The campaign started on 01 December 2017, giving 10 users 200 XDN daily, which aimed to engage with the community members and promote the digital currency. However, while approaching the end of the year, we would like to […]

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DigitalNote Christmas Presents

XDN Christmas

The DigitalNote community is running a seasonal campaign this christmas targeting new users to try XDN wallet, including the deposit feature “DigitalNote Blockchain Deposit“. The campaign is running on Facebook, in which users will have the chance to win 200 XDN, which is the minimum amount required to try the deposit feature. In order to […]

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XDN Secured 105% of CoinPayments Votes

xdn coinpayments

DigitalNote has secured its place on CoinPayments, the Crypto Payment Gateway, with 1005 votes (105%) in less than three weeks. XDN was falling short, starting the third week with as low as 200 votes (20%) of the required number, it has acquired the rest of the votes in less than 48 hours. Why Does CoinPayments […]

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50K XDN Giveaway Don’t Miss Out!

Get Free XDN

It has been a good week for XDN community so far with a number of interesting updates. Read “XDN Community Latest Updates” for more details. Now, DigitalNote community is running an interesting campaign, allocating a total of 50K XDN for new users. Why is DigitalNote Community Giving 50K XDN? The main motive behind running this […]