XDN DigitalNote ICCO Price Decided

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XDN DigitalNote Community Members have voted to determine the digital currency price during the opening ICCO campaign. Starting from 600 satoshi, the digital currency will reach as high as 800 satoshi in the final week of the campaign.

This announced is now official. XDN is going for sale at 600 satoshi starting from Friday June 9 2017. This comes after the XDN DigitalNote Community Members voted during the voting windows that lasted for 24 hours.

Voters, however, had to choose one from 4 ICCO price options, which are covered in this article yesterday.

Update: Total Funds Raised

Thursday, June 8
Time: 1:00 PM UTC
XDN-ICCO fund: 781,203,405.498741 XDN

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