XDN DigitalNote ICCO is Over, POST-ICCO Information

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XDN ICCO is officially over XDN developers announced today at 13:00 UTC, with over 1.25 billion coins to be returned to their owners who funded XDNCO wallet next week.

The campaign has sold a total of 9 lots from 12,500 lots that were offered (100,000 per lot) at the price 600 in the first week of the CO stage. Making a total of 5.4 BTC only from 7,500 BTC based on the first week price. The price per lot was increased to 0.7 BTC in the second week of the CO stage, and 0.8 BTC in the final week, which did not record any sales.

In a brief statement from XDN developers:

XDN is a store of value and information that could be transferred anonymously and untraceably


According to the announcement from XDN developers today, the XDNCO coins will be returned to their owners next week and that should postpone their entry to the market. As we stated in previous articles, 20% of these coins entering the market will increase the supply up to 100%, which should be sufficient to push the price below 100. However, XDN developers reassured the community members by stating that most owners are long-term holders, and they are not going to dump their coins once they receive them back.

Moreover, XDN developers stated that their focus is on the technology right now and not paying so much attention to the market price, they also announced that they are preparing for another ICCO alongside with the release of new developments such as XDN Mobile Messenger 3.0, Database Blockchain Storage and E-Commerce Payment Solutions. The time is most likely to be on September – October this year.

XDN DigitalNote Next ICCO

The project developers stated that XDN ICCO has failedĀ  because of several reasons, but the collaborations between CryptoNote developers will help them create a successful ICCO in the future. With other CryptoNote projects being developed as well, the new campaign should have a greater support that will help the team achieve its goals. CryptoNote future plans, however, include several releases that should be sufficient to improve the ecosystem and its core technology. Thus, the future XDN ICCO will have to be prepared on top of these releases to gain its future market value.

XDN and 3 Years of Development

Despite XDN ICCO failure, the three years of ongoing developments are backing up XDN project. It looks like the team is working constantly on its core technology behind the scenes, without giving much information of what could be going on. XDN future releases later this year will prove that and then things will be more interesting in terms of future plans from that point.

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    • July 1, 2017

    I still hope for the future of XDN

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