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XDN DigitalNote on CoinPayments

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CoinPayments is an ecommerce payment solution provider. It offers shopping cart plugins for various Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, and Magneto. With over 250,000 online merchants worldwide, CoinPayments supports instant and secure payments that allow users to exchange funds instantly without moving funds to exchange platforms and then get back to where they are purchasing the goods or services.

Why XDN is interested in CoinPayments?

DigitalNote community members made this initiative to make the digital currency usableĀ  in terms of purchasing goods and services. Having access to a large number of online merchants that accept XDN could significantly increase it’s user-base. The voting is now open on CoinPayments, and XDN needs 1000 votes to be listed on the payment solutions provider. Therefore, we are making this call for everyone to get involved and vote for it to get it listed. However, there is a small fee associated with the voting (0.001 BTC) per vote to complete the process. This is being charged by the payment solutions provider and it goes directly to them.

What if XDN got listed on CoinPayments?

XDN will be accepted in more than 250,000 online merchants worldwide if it gets listed on the payment solutions provider. We are expecting more people to be interested in the digital currency to purchase goods and services online, hence the demand will rise and so its value. XDN is still in its development stage, with a number of releases such as the Mobile Messenger 3.0 expected in September – October this year, increasing XDN user-base from now should strengthen the digital currency position in the crypto industry. And should reflect well on its value in the market.

Please vote for XDN on CoinPayments

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