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XDN DigitalNote Wallet is not Loading? Stay Calm

xdn digitalnote wallet

First of all, before we go into details make sure that the very first moment you get your wallet synchronised, please please please and please backup your wallet by clicking on File > Backup Wallet (on Windows). Save that file somewhere on your machine and have an offline copy as well like USB and external […]

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XDN DigitalNote Anonymous, Untraceable Crypto Messages

XDN DigitalNote

XDN is still taking some pressure as Bitcoin retains its ~$2800 value, but DigitalNote community members are taking it together remaining calm and looking forward to the POLL tomorrow to determine the ICCO price. As far as this goes, the trading volume is still high with over 1592 BTC on HitBTC at the moment, which […]

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A Brief Comparison Between CrypteNote Cryptocurrencies XDN, BCN and XMR

XDN DigitalNote is built on CryptoNote Technology that is similar to Bytecoin (BCN) and Monero (XMR). Since they are all anonymous. XDN, however, offers unique features that the later two do not such as Encrypted Untraceable Messages, and Blockchain Deposit that offers annual interests on the coins that are locked to secure the network. In […]