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Generate XDN Paper Wallet

XDN Paper Wallet Tool

The community developed a Paper Wallet Generator tool to help users generate a DigitalNote wallet address. The main advantage for this tool is that users could generate the wallet address and receive their coins instantly. That eliminates downloading and installing XDN wallet, and wait for the wallet to sync in order to receive them. How […]

Cryptocurrency Digitalnote

Why Listing XDN on CoinPayments


Okay, first thing first. In our previous article “XDN DigitalNote on CoinPayments”, we were only able to state that listing XDN on the payment gateway will help increasing its user-base. This will create a greater demand as users will get XDN to pay for goods and services from online merchants worldwide. According to that, we […]

Cryptocurrency Digitalnote News

XDN DigitalNote on CoinPayments

xdb coinpayments

CoinPayments is an ecommerce payment solution provider. It offers shopping cart plugins for various Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, and Magneto. With over 250,000 online merchants worldwide, CoinPayments supports instant and secure payments that allow users to exchange funds instantly without moving funds to exchange platforms and then get back to […]

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Two Weeks and XDN ICCO Coins Are Still Locked on HitBTC

There has been a lot of pressure being taken by XDN community members. DigitalNote developers have not yet spoken out regarding XDN ICCO coins, which they promised to be released one week after the ICCO ended on 30 June 2017. However, the original coins release statement according to XDN Pre-ICCO was that coins are going […]